ASTML Student Referral Award

Earn up to £500, when you refer a friend or family member to join ASTML.


  1. To refer a potential student, please complete this form and ensure it is attached to their enrolment form.
  2. The SRA cannot be claimed for students who have previously studied at ASTML.
  3. You are eligible for SRA only when you refer new applicants.
  4. On referring an applicant at ASTML, you can earn a referral fee on the applicant’s;
    a. Successful enrolment and
    b. Successful loan approval (if applicable) or fees payable
  5. You must submit an invoice and payment will be made within 7 working days of the receipt of the invoice.
  6. Only one SRA can be given per enrolment. If an applicant is referred by more than one student/alumnus, the first referral received will be the one awarded if the applicant enrols.
  7. There is no limit to the number of applicants you can claim for.
  8. Referrals cannot be claimed after the application has been submitted. We must receive this form and the enrolment form at the same time.