About us

Our journey so far

We are a small yet dynamic institution that holds at its heart the motto that ‘entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and it is for everyone’.

We operate in a regeneration area, within a diverse and vibrant community. We strive to make our mark by offering practical education for the needs of the local economy, formal qualifications and personalised guidance.

Our Entrepreneurship Courses for adults incorporate British Values and focus on practical wealth creation. Armed with key skills and one-to-one support from our faculty, our students have gone on to find successful businesses locally and nationally.

Observing the needs of an ageing society in Britain, and recognising the shortage of key skills in the Health and Community Care industry, we have tailored pieces of training to generate employment and create a positive impact on local community services.

Our achievements

The Academy of Science Technology and Management was the top contender in the category for “making a significant contribution to the society” in 2019 for the Oldham Business Awards. The Academy of Science Technology and Management is the first partnership between the private and government sector education institution.

In 2020, the Academy of Science Technology and Management launched its STEM education program for students aged 8 to 15 to fortify and entrench a scientific culture from the early ages. This encourages children to develop a knack for problem-solving using multi-disciplinary skills which will be of top demand in their careers.

The promoters of the company are professionals with significant experience in the field of Education, Business, Entrepreneurship who have an ethos of all-inclusive, equitable, social development and progress.

Leadership Team

Dilip Amdekar, CA

Dilip Amdekar, CA

Chairman & CEO

Ambrish Joijode, Msc

Ambrish Joijode, Msc


Madhavi Amdekar, Phd.

Madhavi Amdekar, Phd.